It is with profound joy we share with you photos of the stunning newly restored Mart Maryam (St Mary’s) Church in Arzni, Armenia!

As part of our Armenia Appeal, this 200 year-old church has been extended and refurbished. The building of the Marganita Kindergarten and this restoration project are testament to the incredible things we can achieve with your invaluable support.

We are SO grateful to our donors. In December 2019, we commenced work on the church and you can see below some photos of the condition of the Church before.

The pandemic halted works until September 2020. Since then, with Qasha Nikademus Yukhanaev overseeing the team on the ground, they have worked tirelessly to try and complete it in time for Christmas services.

To help us complete our projects in Armenia you can donate to the Armenia Appeal by visiting our Donate page. The third and final phase of our building work in Armenia is the Community Centre in Dvin.