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Join us in our crucial mission to safeguard the legacy and ensure the survival of the people from the world’s inaugural Christian nation. Your invaluable support empowers them to remain steadfast in their ancestral lands amidst the turbulence enveloping the Middle East.

Your donation is more than a gift—it’s a lifeline. It directly contributes to providing urgent aid and relief to those caught in the crossfires of persecution, civil strife, and instability across the Middle East and beyond. Refugees, along with internally and externally displaced individuals, receive the support they desperately need, thanks to your generosity.

We are deeply grateful for your contribution during this critical period for Assyrians and other Christian communities facing adversity.

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Make your impact with a few clicks. Our online donation process is streamlined and secure, ensuring your generosity is swiftly directed to where it’s most needed.

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Interested in making a lasting impact? Whether it’s setting up a Standing Order for regular contributions, making a one-time donation, or exploring other ways to support our mission, we’re here to help. For more information or to discuss your donation options, please contact ACERO’s Headquarters using the form on our Contact page.

Together, we can make a significant difference. Join us in this noble cause today.