March 26th, 2022

We continue to report on developments from our Armenia Appeal!

The renovation and restoration of the ancient Mart Mariam Church in Arzni, Armenia began in early 2020. Today we can delightfully report that after celebrating Christmas midnight mass in 2021 under the newly restored roof of the church, parishioners will now enjoy comfortable seating and heating after pews and gas and electric were installed.

In 2021, the residents of Arzni were able, for the first time in many many years, to celebrate Christmas midnight mass as a result of your generosity. This in itself was a tremendous achievement.

Our Armenia Appeal has been met with the most incredible response by our donors, partners and clergy on the ACERO Board of Trustees. For this, we are eternally grateful. Please continue to support the Appeal which will culminate in Phase 3 of a building of a large community centre in Dvin.

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In 2019, we launched ACERO’s Armenia Appeal, a three-phase building, educational and spiritual development project for the Assyrian community in Armenia.
Phase 1 was completed with the grand opening of the Marganita Kindergarten in September 2019, a pre-school educating 200 children and a building that is now a base for youth activities for the Assyrian community in Dvin.