20th May 2021

We regretfully report on the dire situation facing our families currently displaced in Turkey.

The team on the ground, led by the tireless efforts of Mr Saad Jibrail Mansour, have spent the last month attending to the increasing needs of these families, needs that have been worsened by the pandemic.
50 families have contracted the virus, many of which have had to receive hospital treatment as a result. Isolation, national lockdowns and curfews have also brought a lack of employment and with it a real struggle to keep up with medical bills, utility bills and rent payments.

Mr Jibrail Mansour’s team have travelled the breadth of the country to deliver food parcels and financial aid to almost 300 families that are spread across the vast country, these include, Tokat, Istanbul, Duzce, Afyon, Bolu, Samsun and Nigde to name a few.

It is a constant fight for survival for these families now. We cannot thank Mr Jibrail Mansour and his team enough for this incredible work. They are constantly in contact with these families, all the while having to ensure the safety of all involved.

He has communicated his deepest thanks to ACERO and stated that this campaign has been one of the hardest to date.

We continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Turkey, for their health and their safety. God help and bless you all.