Over the past few weeks, ACERO’s Jordan Chapter, under the leadership of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil has been working tirelessly to support the very sick amongst hundreds of refugees currently residing in Jordan. In recent weeks, ACERO has provided financial aid to 80 families with a variety of illnesses and disabilities including epilepsy, paralysis, diabetes, heart disease, blindness and amputations.

Due to the many individuals needing this type of support, this major campaign has lasted several weeks and we are grateful to The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil and the Jordan Chapter members (all themselves displaced by the conflict in the Nineveh Plains) who have devoted their time to personally visit each and every person in need. These selfless volunteers have worked to address the needs of the displaced families, provide support and give them the necessary aid to cover medical bills and general supplies.

Referring to ACERO’s support with this campaign, Rev’d Shmoel writes: “We pray to God for all of them to be blessed and to give them the power to continue this great humanitarian mission which aims to support the Mission members needs”.

Our work in Jordan in ongoing and is currently assisting approximately 300 displaced families.