Eight years ago, we witnessed the mass fleeing of Assyrian Christians from their homeland in Iraq, often with just the clothes on their back. Persecuted for their faith and left with a chilling ultimatum: convert to Islam or leave and never return. So they did – the latter of these the ONLY option. They found refuge in neighbouring countries.

Neighbouring Jordan, has seen an influx of Christians desperately fleeing to safety. Today we have hundreds of families registered with our Jordan Chapter. They are not permitted to work, have high rental and utility bills, chronic illnesses to medicate and families to feed. ACERO has supported these families for nearly a decade.

Their (donors) generosity is greatly appreciated and much needed – these funds will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of people affected by the current events

Rani Esho Khoshaba – ACERO Jordan Chapter Co-ordinator

Our most recent distribution, sponsored by our partners, as well as our invaluable donors, was for 180 families living in Amman. With a dedicated team of volunteers, these packages were distributed in partnership with the Assyrian Church of the East Mart Shmoni Mission in the capital. The visiting priest, Rev Fr Esha David, conducts regular services for families living there and often helps with ACERO distributions – we are grateful to him and the entire team for their tireless efforts.

The need in Jordan is great and our donors have always been extremely supportive. With the winter months and the festive season approaching we ask that you continue to support us by making a small donation here today.