In recent weeks we have been working with Mr Hanna & Mrs Janet Khoshaba and Mr Kyriakos Batcharas in Greece to assist our families living in the country. With Covid-19 secure measures still in place, mass gatherings are still prohibited.

The outbreak of the virus and subsequent lockdowns have hit an already weakened economy even harder, especially for displaced families. We have even been unable to take too many photos as much of the distributions and visits were done with strict social distancing measures in place.

With over 40 families needing urgent help, this was one of many financial aid distributions ACERO has carried out as part of an ongoing aid programme in Greece. For many years now, ACERO has worked closely with clergy and Assyrian Church of the East Committee members to assist these families who are calling Greece home. This has included the distribution of food parcels, financial aid for general everyday spending and help to buy medicines for chronic illnesses.

Over the last 4 decades, Greece has been a transit destination for Assyrians fleeing the Middle East en route to humanitarian resettlement in Europe, Australia and the U.S. Those who have made it their permanent home face much economic hardship.

We are grateful to all our donors and partners and especially to Hanna, Janet and Kyriakos for their great service to this community. In a letter to ACERO Secretary, Andy Darmoo, they write
‘..we appreciate so much your help for the oppressed and difficult situation with utmost care and kindness. God bless you all’.

We too reiterate that in turn, their help and support has been invaluable.