ACERO’s new year distribution in our beloved homeland took place through the festive season and January in villages and cities across the north of the country.

As you will read in His Grace Mar Abris Youkhanna’s letter there was a great need for food parcels and financial aid for rent and medical bills for families living within His Grace’s Diocese of Erbil.

ACERO responded by organising aid packages for families across Erbil (Ankawa), Kirkuk, Hawdian, Bidyal and Diana.

With the help of His Grace Mar Abris in Erbil and Rev Fr. Gewargis Yosip in Kirkuk, volunteers distributed hundreds of food parcels and financial aid to those most in need. This comes during a time of great economic hardship made even worse in the face of the pandemic.

We thank our clergy and volunteers for always ensuring no family is left behind.