A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to our Easter Appeal!

ACERO, London, UK, extends its deepest gratitude to our long-time partners at Barnabas Aid for sponsoring this project, and to all our incredible donors for their generosity.

Over the past few weeks, our dedicated team has been busy assembling food parcels. WHAT GOES IN OUR FOOD PARCEL? Find out here

We have assembled 1000 parcels!!!! Going out to Assyrian families across villages and towns in Northern Iraq.

Distributions have taken place in the following areas:

– Deralok, Komani, Amedia, Babeda, Blegani, Sarsing, Sardraf, Bakera, Koregawana, Kondykosa, Bablo

The reaction from families living in the villages has been one of real humility and gratitude and we just want to extend our huge thanks to everyone who supports ACERO for making our work possible! Please continue to support us by donating here