December 29th, 2021

ACERO has always kept its donors informed on the dire situation facing our displaced families living in Turkey. A situation worsened by the pandemic.

On behalf of the ACERO Board of Trustees, we say a huge thank you to all our donors for your continued support which has meant that for the blessed season of the birth of our Lord, ACERO was able to bring some joy to these families.

A Christmas programme, sponsored by ACERO, included a liturgical service, the giving of Christmas presents to 110 children and the distribution of food vouchers and food parcels for 349 families – all of which were organised beautifully by our committee on the ground; Mr Saad Jibrail and his wonderful team of volunteers.

We take this opportunity to thank Archbishop Ramzi Garmou and Rev Fr Ramzi Diril for offering prayers and conducting services for these families in the Tokat province.

Please keep our brothers and sisters in Turkey in your prayers and continue to help us to reach each person in need by visiting our Donate page