Throughout November 2023, we were very busy at ACERO UK buying and wrapping presents to send to children in Northern Iraq. We worked with parish priests from Erbil, Dohuk and surrounding villages to establish how many children to send gifts to. A total of 1800 gifts were shipped from London.

Following the arrival of the presents into the parishes of Mar Narsai in Dohuk and St Johns Patriarchal Cathedral in Erbil, parties and distributions began.

The first of which took place in Dohuk and the surrounding villages of Nohadra. We were absolutely filled with joy to see the wonderful scenes coming from these distributions. In the presence of the Assyrian Church of the East Diocesan Bishop for Nohadra, His Grace Mar Abrs Youkhannan, hundreds of children celebrated Christmas and received our gifts at the parishes of Mar Narsai, Mart Maryam and Mar Gewargis.

Mar Narsai children’s Christmas Party, Dohuk:

Mar Gewargis children’s Christmas party, Dohuk:

Mart Maryam children’s Christmas party, Dohuk:

Gift deliveries to Assyrian Villages (including Simele, Bebede, Komane, Deralok, Bersive):

A huge thank you to His Grace Mar Abrs, all the Parish Priests, Mar Narsay Youth Committee, Mar Gewargis Committee, Mart Maryam Committee and Choir and all the volunteers who helped with organising the parties at the parishes. Their support was absolutely invaluable and we are eternally grateful.