As the world celebrated the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, we at ACERO UK want to share a heartwarming report and some delightful pictures from a memorable Christmas party held at the Assyrian Church of the East parish of Mar Gewargis in Kirkuk. This special event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team and the unwavering support of donors like you.

A Long-Standing Partnership

For many years, ACERO has maintained a close partnership with Rev Fr Gewargis Yousip, the parish priest in Kirkuk. Together, we have worked on various educational programs and provided crucial financial assistance to families in this community.

A Special Christmas Delivery

This year, our partnership with the parish in Kirkuk took on an even more special meaning. Alongside our ongoing support for local families, ACERO UK organised a Christmas gift delivery for the children in the community. These gifts were given at a Christmas party and were part of our larger campaign to distribute 1800 Christmas gifts to children in the homeland. We cannot help but share the joy and warmth that enveloped the Christmas party in Kirkuk. The children’s laughter, smiles, and the sense of togetherness were truly heartening.

Thank You for Your Support

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support from donors like you. Your generosity fuels our mission and makes projects like this a reality. We are immensely grateful for your continued support and belief in our cause.

How You Can Help

As we look ahead, we invite you to continue supporting ACERO and the communities we serve. Your donations are the lifeblood of our projects, enabling us to bring hope, joy, and assistance to those who need it most.

Please consider contributing whatever you can HERE. Together, we can continue spreading love, positivity, and support to Assyrian communities around the world.