With ACERO’s support, the Mission of the Assyrian Church of the East in Amman, Jordan held a special Christmas service for Assyrian refugees on 17th December and a beautiful evening of Christmas hymns and praise on 14th December.

These events attracted a large number of parishioners despite the adverse weather conditions in Jordan. These social and cultural functions form part of a wider programme of support being given to Assyrian refugees in Jordan during the Christmas period.

Under the direction of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil these celebratory events work to lift the spirits of people living in extremely difficult conditions and to acknowledge individuals in Jordan who are working hard to assist refugees.

The event programme’s included speeches, sermons, Christmas carols/hymns as well as the presentation of prizes and gifts.

The Rev’d From Shmoel has written to ACERO offering his thanks for its continued support during the holy season.

ACERO has an established ongoing aid programme for Assyrians in Jordan and would welcome your support. Please consider making a small contribution in the spirit of Christmas at the donate page.