With the generous contributions of its supporters, significant progress has been made on Phase 1 of the Armenia Appeal, the renovation of a two-floor building into an Assyrian kindergarten in the village of Verin Dvin, Armenia.

This project will provide a centre for 120 children aged 2-6 years old to receive child care, educational, spiritual, and national activities from 9 am-5 pm on a daily.

In recent weeks, workers have made significant progress clearing the site and commencing with plastering and the installation of doors and windows. The installation of a plumping and sewerage system along with the rectification and cementing of the building’s floor will soon follow.

Later phases of the project will include works at the 189-year-old Assyrian church of Mart Mariam (in the village of Arzni), works at the 191-year-old Assyrian church of Mar Thoma (in the village of Verin Dvin) along with the construction of two community halls will follow.

ACERO extends its immense appreciation to supporters from around the world who have given this project a powerful start. In particular, we note the support of the Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand, and Lebanon (under the leadership of H.B. Mar Meelis Zaia, Metropolitan), the Diocese of California (under the leadership of H.G. Mar Awa Royel, Bishop), the Assyrian Christian Compassion Ministry of San Jose, California and the many generous individuals who have contributed personally from around the world.

All contributions for this Appeal must be made officially through ACERO. Your financial support is vital. Please contribute at www.theacero.org/donate and leave a note directing your donation to the ‘Armenia Appeal’.