ACERO’s Jordan chapter has embarked upon its festive campaign to help the hundreds of families currently residing there. Jordan continues to house a high concentration of displaced persons, totaling almost 400 families. Our thanks go to Mr Lorance Kazakia and his ACERO committee in Jordan, who were able to distribute aid to 342 families and medication to 177 people with minor and chronic illnesses, we also thank the Very Rev’d Cor Bishop Augin Dawood for his assistance and for visiting many families.

Living conditions in Jordan are becoming increasingly more difficult and as such the need for assistance is great. ACERO is therefore working very hard to ensure this blessed season is a peaceful and joyful one for all our people who have been forced out of their homes. In the coming days, children’s parties, aid distributions and festivities will be taking place in Jordan and across the Middle East, a Christmas party is planned for our people in Amman.

The projects in Jordan have been made possible by the generosity of our partners at Barnabas Fund and the kind donation of the Assyrian Foundation of America (AFA). We thank these organisations for continually supporting us to make it all possible.