ACERO has brought the joyous spirit of Christmas to hundreds of refugee Assyrian Christian children in Amman, Jordan. Under the direction of The Rev’d Fr Shmoel Athneil, ACERO’s Jordan Chapter hosted 230 children and their parents for a function held on Friday 30 December at the Deir el-Latin Church Hall in Amman.

The festivities commenced with a prayer and speeches, including from Fr Shmoel who expressed his thanks and gratitude to ACERO for its continued support of the refugee Assyrian community in Jordan. The function continued with a range of games and competitions before each child was presented with a gift from Father Christmas. ACERO expresses its thanks to Fr Shmoel and the ACERO Chapter team for their tireless support of displaced refugee families. They have brought light into the darkness and made this blessed festive season one of celebration for our brothers, sisters and children in Jordan.